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Cape Lefkada

Reachable either from the road that leads to Porto Katsiki, or along the new panoramic road from Vassiliki, Cape Lefkada is a place with a mystical and surreal atmosphere. Once you enter the promontory you have the distinct sensation of being in a place out of this world, different from any other corner of the island. A mysterious and wild landscape will steal your eyes. On these cliffs the poet Sappho found her inspirations, and always from these cliffs she let herself fall dawn to escape her pains of love. Nearby once upon a time there was a temple dedicated to the God Apollo. Now close to that point stands the lighthouse. Drivig back you will find a road on the right that will take you to the splendid monastery dedicated to St. Nicholas, where nuns lovingly prepare aloe vera creams, thyme honey and other handmade and natural products.

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